Hanna Rae
Hanna Rae
Singer. Songwriter. Teacup Pig Enthusiast.

Born in the Shenandoah Valley and raised on classic rock and roll, Hanna Rae has been singing for as long as she can remember. In 2011, Hanna made the move to Nashville and released her debut EP, Rookie In the Ring, two years later. Rookie drew influence from Ingrid Michaelson and Brandi Carlisle to produce a compelling folk/pop project that highlights Hanna’s craft as a songwriter and her rich and unique voice.

Hanna's latest project, Without Letting Go, was released in March of this year. Hanna detailed a bit about the creative process for the record in a blog post: "Two-and-a-half years ago, I released my debut EP Rookie In The Ring. A lot has changed since then. I got married. I gained new friends and lost a few. I’ve lived a bit longer, and have experienced incredibly good days, and a handful of not-so-good days. These new songs are a reflection of that period in my life. Marking a distinct beginning and middle, and a glimpse of the days to come.”

Her music has been featured in Apple’s editor-curated “A-List Playlist” and Relevant Magazine, and she has shared the stage with many talented artists, including Jason Isbell and Lauren Alaina.

"Hanna Rae’s new spot maintains the balance of quirky charm and humor that’s long been her signature, juxtaposed with a lovely and earnest track, which builds upon her folkier early sound and expands it with elements of pop and indie rock. Akin to Ingrid Michelson’s folk-laced pop fused with HAIM’s self-assured, layered soft rock, Hanna’s sound is both familiar yet refreshingly different from many of her local contemporaries, landing a bit more organic and heartfelt than a lot of what arrives in our inbox." -Philip Obenschain, No Country for New Nashville

"Don’t let the sweetness of her voice fool you - Hanna Rae’s music hits hard. She’s tough, and while there is a soft reserve, the main trait of her songwriting is courageous honesty. It’s through her vulnerability that she shows grit." - Jon Karr, New York Minute Magazine