"Don’t let the sweetness of her voice fool you - Hanna Rae’s music hits hard. She’s tough, and while there is a soft reserve, the main trait of her songwriting is courageous honesty. It’s through her vulnerability that she shows grit.  Her new release, Rookie in the Ring, demonstrates her strengths as a writer in grand fashion. From the more upbeat “Man in the Moon” to the somber “Alabama,” it’s an album that runs a full range of human emotion. That’s part of what makes it worth coming back to again and again." - Jon Karr, New York Minute Magazine


"There is an easiness to Hanna Rae’s music that makes it easy to like. Her molasses-thick vocals are a treat, particularly on the dreamy, stripped-down opener “Man in the Moon." Rae's ability to turn a phrase naturally and conversationally is put on display in the bluegrass-tinged “Alabama,” where a bevy of creative similes—including Rubik’s Cubes and non-rotating planets—are used in reference to emotional lockdown. Rae explores the ins and outs of relationships with confidence, curiosity and a wisdom that is irresistible." -Brian Palmer, C-Ville Weekly


"With her premiere tour on the horizon and her first EP, Rookie in the Ring, gaining an impressive amount of attention, indie pop singer Hanna Rae is making waves in both Nashville and the folk music communities. Hanna’s remarkable voice, one reminiscent of the iconic sounds of Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles, carries through each one of the songs on her EP. Hanna's charismatic demeanor bursts through in her emotional and relatable songs and she will surely continue to rise while touring around the country this coming spring." -Maria Edwards, SS